Overview of features

EasyBanner allows you to easily create animated banners in GIF format, without special skills and in a minimum of time.

Concerning file management, the software has its own format which is EBBF. With this format you can save your banners and retrieve them easily.

The software is based on preset compositions that specify the content of a banner in items, either texts or images. EasyBanner offers a feature for creating banners from ready-to-use examples.

Designing banners with EasyBanner gives a lot of freedom, from the choice of the background (which can be selected among 5 different types such as: special template, color gradient, ...) to the modification of your texts styles or the choice of colors. In addition, EasyBanner comes with graphic content: numerous background templates and a useful library of shapes.

Concerning animation, EasyBanner is beyond your expectations, it can add great animated effects to the texts of your banners with one click.

Finally, the software provides a GIF Export functionality to be able to use your banners on a web page simply.

Why to wait? download EasyBanner to discover all of its features:

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